The John Oliver thing on Network Neutrality -- that came out after we shot this but it sums things up pretty succinctly as well.

0:22 - Trigger Warning/Store Plug
1:05 - More Vault 7 leaks from WikiLeaks: Archimedes is the CIA's man-in-the-middle hacking tool
2:16 - 234 Android Applications Are Currently Using Ultrasonic Beacons to Track Users
5:22 - Google phishing attack: Gmail users hit by massive email scam sweeping web
6:45 - 'Sextortion' case fuels legal debate over phone passwords
9:03 - Facebook lets advertisers target insecure teens, says report
11:19 - Facebook showed murders, rapes; now will hire 3,000 to check videos
13:04 - Taser Will Use Police Body Camera Videos 'to Anticipate Criminal Activity'
16:51 - Justice Department opens criminal probe into Uber
18:26 - Credit Suisse has deployed 20 robots within bank, markets CEO says
19:17 - San Francisco politician Jane Kim is exploring a tax on robots
21:04 - California seeks to tax rocket launches, which are already taxed
23:23 - Qualcomm Said to Seek U.S. Import Ban for iPhones
26:55 - Senate Republicans introduce anti-net neutrality legislation
30:31 - Cord-cutting spikes fivefold in cable TV's worst quarter ever
31:53 - Fed-Up Advertisers Stop Paying More for Smaller TV Audiences
33:15 - Verizon's gigabit upgrade pricing still makes almost no sense
38:49 - Leaked document reveals UK plans for wider internet surveillance
41:14 - Digital Economy Act: Illegal Kodi streams could now land users in prison for 10 years
42:16 - T-Mobile zero-rating net neutrality case goes to court
43:35 - Intel Unveils the Xeon Scalable Processor Family: Skylake-SP in Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum
44:46 - Red alert! Intel patches remote execution hole that's been hidden in chips since 2010
48:57 - Samsung May Replace Intel as World's Largest Chipmaker
50:17 - Best CPUs of 2017
53:47 - Microsoft's Surface Laptop is built to beat Apple's MacBooks
55:29 - Microsoft is forcing Edge and Bing on Windows 10 S users
58:01 - Colleges are starting varsity programming for video games ( link)
1:00:42 - CRISPR Eliminates HIV in Live Animals

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