0:00 - Intro
1:13 - Scammy iOS app discovered that refuses to open unless you give it a good review
2:17 - Google to use patient data to develop healthcare algorithms for hospital chain
3:39 - Thousands of Chrome extensions are tampering with security headers
4:37 - Xbox Series X DRM Makes It Near Impossible to Play Games Offline
6:25 - Liverpool drug dealer who used EncroChat jailed after cheese picture analysed for prints
7:51 - Malware caught using a macOS zero-day to secretly take screenshots
8:53 - Metro Atlanta sixth grader challenges suspension over ‘Zoom bombing’ allegations
10:20 - Do You Really Own It? Motorcycle Airbag Requires Additional Purchase To Inflate
12:24 - Leaked Emails Show Crime App Citizen Is Testing On-Demand Security Force
13:34 - FBI says Conti ransomware gang has hit 16 U.S. health and emergency networks
14:32 - Google says Rowhammer attacks are gaining range as RAM is getting smaller
15:48 - Asahi Linux Dev Reveals ‘M1RACLES’ Flaw in Apple M1, Pokes Fun at Similar Flaws
17:09 - Comcast Subscriber Receives DMCA Notice for Downloading Ubuntu
18:22 - ‘Stranger than anything dreamed up by sci-fi’: will we ever understand black holes?
19:41 - Missing man found dead inside Spanish dinosaur statue
21:17 - College Credit For Playing Video Games? At Some California Campuses, It's Happening
22:19 - Space Station May Host Wave of TV Shows and Films
23:50 - Kevin Spacey cast in first film since being accused of sexual misconduct
25:34 - MP says he urinated on camera 'without realizing' month after being caught naked
27:01 - Quebec needs its own emoji 'as soon as possible,' say legislators in unanimous vote
28:16 - Internet Has Field Day With Blank E-Book on PM Modi's Employment Growth Secrets
29:53 - Actor John Cena apologises for describing Taiwan as a country
32:15 - Georgia county urges residents to stop calling 911 over cicadas
34:12 - Good news for nihilists? Life is meaningless after all, say philosophers
35:49 - Person drunk texts thought-provoking questions to SC Aquarium's educational number
37:13 - Walmart apologizes to people who received racist emails
38:09 - 'Unathletic' alligator with 'terrible arthritis' escapes Wisconsin zoo
40:04 - Urchin mobs team up to butcher sea stars that prey on them
42:11 - Florida high school alters 80 'immodest' yearbook photos of students
44:42 - Mormon Church cashes in on GameStop and Tesla stock craze
46:09 - Tinder Launches New 'Are You Sure?' Feature To Prevent Harassment
47:34 - Tinder, Bumble Launch Features To Match Vaccinated Singles

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