0:00 - Intro
0:49 - Google DeepMind’s weather AI can forecast extreme weather faster and more accurately
2:03 - AI could predict heart attack risk up to 10 years in the future, finds Oxford study
2:55 - Nvidia GPU Used To Decipher Ancient Greco-Roman Scroll
4:00 - YouTube adapts its policies for the coming surge of AI videos
5:04 - White faces generated by AI are more convincing than photos, finds survey
6:22 - Giant AI Platform Introduces ‘Bounties’ for Deepfakes of Real People
7:05 - ‘Hallucinate’ chosen as Cambridge dictionary’s word of the year
7:48 - Users Can't Speak to Viral AI Girlfriend CarynAI Because CEO Is in Jail for Arson
8:42 - “Make It Real” AI prototype wows devs by turning drawings into working software
9:35 - Cruise robotaxi shutdown expands, pressing pause on supervised and manual trips too.
10:11 - FAA clears SpaceX to launch second Starship flight
11:47 - Lost NASA tool bag is in orbit could be visible from Earth
13:05 - A Supernova ‘Destroyed’ Some of Earth’s Ozone for a Few Minutes in 2022
14:14 - Airbus Introduces Detumbler Device to Address Satellite Tumbling in Low Earth Orbit
15:01 - NASA’s Mars Fleet Will Still Conduct Science While Lying Low
15:59 - NASA Telescopes Discover Record-Breaking Black Hole
16:33 - Japan to create ¥1 trillion fund to develop outer space industry
16:56 - The Marvels $47M Lowest for MCU
18:00 - Chuck E. Cheese removes animatronics after recent horror movie
19:16 - Snoop Dogg Claims He's Quitting Smoking, Asks for Privacy
19:58 - Evangelical Christian furries are worried they'll be targeted for their faith
21:08 - New plant hardiness map, used by gardeners nationwide, is unveiled
22:05 - Joasia Zakrzewski banned for 12 months for using car in race
22:58 - Man granted asylum in UK for claiming to be gay arrested after he sires 3 kids with 3 women
23:42 - Man Who Killed His Girlfriend Released From Prison After Becoming Dangerously Overweight
24:48 - Tennessee Man Arrested for DUI, Meth While Driving Lawnmower ‘Santa’s Train’ Full of Kids
25:32 - Northeast CVS only has photos of paper products on shelves due to theft
26:25 - Pilot accused of trying to stop engines midflight after taking magic mushrooms asked ‘Am I dead? Is this hell?’
27:22 - The Disneyland and Disney World poop rumors are true
29:14 - Lexington to spend $75,000 on consultant to address stench from sewage treatment plants
30:17 - Meet the woman who picks up 125 pounds of rhino poop a day at Safari West
31:18 - The Scottish wildcat has been wiped out by breeding with domestic cats
32:14 - This hybrid baby monkey is made of cells from two embryos
33:13 - China pandas: Xi Jinping hints he could send new pandas to US as ‘envoys of friendship’
33:40 - Colombia starts sterilizing hippos descended from pets of drug kingpin Pablo Escobar
34:32 - Plane forced to return to JFK Airport after horse on board gets loose
35:37 - Tasmanian woman tells office she can't come in as 600kg 'Neil the seal' is blocking her car
36:37 - Report: Animals sent to Tucson for rescue fed to reptiles
37:55 - Lion sparks panic on the streets after escaping from circus

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