0:00 - Intro
0:37 - Microsoft is finally making custom chips — and they’re all about AI
2:08 - iPad Pro OLED Panels Rumored to Start Production in 2024
3:09 - SanDisk Extreme Pro Failures Result From Design and Manufacturing Flaws, Says Data Recovery Firm
4:16 - ASUS apologizes for misprinted ROG Z790 Maximus Hero "Evange-N-lion" parts, offers replacements
5:52 - AMD gains CPU market share in desktops, laptops, and servers
6:17 - AMD-Powered Frontier Remains Fastest Supercomputer in the World, Intel-Powered Aurora Takes Second With Half-Scale Result
7:06 - NVIDIA Introduces Generative AI Foundry Service on Microsoft Azure for Enterprises and Startups Worldwide
8:11 - Joby, Volocopter fly electric air taxis over New York City | TechCrunch
9:00 - Tencent says has Nvidia AI chip stockpile but seeking to buy domestic
10:32 - ExxonMobil is a lithium company now
10:59 - Google paid $8 billion to make its apps default on Samsung phones
11:47 - Google is going to let you annotate search results
12:30 - Google Sues Men Who Weaponized DMCA Notices to Crush Competition
13:56 - Microsoft rebrands Bing Chat as Copilot
15:02 - Microsoft and Nvidia are making it easier to run AI models on Windows
15:40 - Windows is now an app for iPhones, iPads, Macs, and PCs
17:08 - Microsoft pulls OneDrive update that would quiz you before letting you quit
18:27 - Apple announces that RCS support is coming to iPhone next year
19:00 - iOS 17.2 hints at sideloading apps from outside the App Store
20:07 - Amazon is getting rid of its gaming content channel amid larger games layoffs
20:37 - Nothing is bringing iMessage to its Android phone
21:54 - Rivian software update bricks infotainment system, fix not obvious
22:54 - Disney Pulls TV Channels From Vietnam, Govt. "Concerned" Piracy Will Run Riot
24:06 - Zero Punctuation star Yahtzee Croshaw quits after 16 years
25:12 - Roblox faces class-action suit from parents about sexual content and grooming
27:41 - Amazon to let dealers sell cars on its site, starting with Hyundai
29:28 - Meta to require political ads reveal AI altered images
30:16 - More Americans are getting news on TikTok, in contrast with most other social media sites
30:56 - Social media gets teens hooked while feeding aggression and impulsivity, and researchers think they know why
32:09 - Bin Laden's Letter to US Stuns Young Americans: 'He Was Right'
33:29 - Disney Pinnacle will try to revive NFTs with Star Wars and Pixar characters

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