0:00 - Intro
0:34 - Self-Driving Cruise Taxi Crashes With Passengers On Board
2:54 - First Images from the James Webb Space Telescope
4:10 - Japan Wants to Bring Artificial Gravity to the Moon
6:07 - Asteroid Bennu nearly ate NASA's sampling spacecraft
7:26 - Starbucks to close 16 US stores over crime, rampant drug use
9:31 - Tech CEO John Woodware Arrested in 1992 Cold Case Murder of Computer Engineer Laurie Houts
11:50 - India: How a fake 'IPL' cricket league ran for Russian punters
13:22 - India on course to overtake China as world's most populous country
14:59 - Judge rules Subway can be sued over claims that its tuna sandwiches contain other fish species or animal products
17:47 - Arizona makes it illegal for bystanders to record cops at close range
21:06 - Weed Killer Glyphosate Found in Most Americans' Urine
22:28 - A Bored Chinese Housewife Spent Years Falsifying Russian History on Wikipedia
25:19 - Uvalde Mayor Condemns 'Chicken' Media for Releasing School Shooting Video
27:39 - Queensland cafe worker unfairly dismissed for not using 'smiley emojis' in text message
29:38 - Former Banbury area pastor is sentenced at Northampton court after performing sexual acts on a Henry hoover at church
31:08 - Sri Lankan president resigns by email after fleeing to Singapore
33:07 - Snoop Dogg Mocks Biden With 'Sleepy Joe OG' Weed Strain
35:23 - Woman spent $600K to be Kim Kardashian, now paying $120K to 'detransition'
37:36 - Iowa racehorse tests positive for meth
38:48 - Art Collective's Billionaire Popsicles Let People Literally 'Eat the Rich'
40:39 - Billboard in Inverness, FL reminds dads not to drunkenly touch their daughters
43:02 - Penguins refuse to eat cheaper fish at Japanese aquarium


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