0:00 - Intro
0:47 - Intel Unveils Arc Pro GPUs
1:33 - Intel shares 48 benchmarks to show its Arc A750 can compete with an RTX 3060
2:44 - Ether (ETH) price surges after ethereum completes final testnet merge
3:54 - Email Marketing Firm Mailchimp Suspends Several Crypto-Related Accounts
5:06 - ‘Data void’: Google to stop giving answers to silly questions
6:26 - Amazon begins large-scale rollout of palm print-based payments
7:46 - Spotify tickets: streaming firm tests direct pre-sales to fans
9:11 - LG’s 97-inch vibrating OLED TV claims to offer 5.1 audio without speakers
11:59 - Over 100K Cars Cut From North American Production This Week Due to Chip Shortage
13:02 - GM Makes $1,500 OnStar Subscription Mandatory on GMC, Buick, Cadillac Models
14:06 - LinkedIn dumps entire global events marketing team: Report
14:40 - Disney raises prices for streaming services
16:08 - Walmart Ponders Streaming Deal With Paramount, Disney and Comcast
16:48 - Desktop CPU Sales Lowest in 30 Years, AMD Gains Market Share Anyway
17:38 - Crypto-driven GPU crash makes Nvidia miss Q2 projections by $1.4 billion
19:43 - Groupon cuts over 500 staff, plans to focus ‘only on mission-critical activities’ from now on
20:24 - Microsoft claims Sony pays developers "blocking rights" to keep games off Xbox Game Pass
23:10 - Microsoft reportedly lays off team focused on winning back consumers
25:18 - DreamWorks Animation to Release Renderer as Open-Source Software
26:25 - Man who built ISP instead of paying Comcast $50K expands to hundreds of homes
28:25 - NVIDIA Publishes 73k Lines Worth Of 3D Header Files For Fermi Through Ampere GPUs
29:25 - Google tries shaming Apple into adopting RCS with #getthemessage campaign
30:11 - Google Sues Sonos Over Voice Control Technology
31:02 - Crypto Lender Hodlnaut Freezes Withdrawals, Citing Market Conditions
32:21 - 99 percent of Netflix subscribers haven’t tried its games yet
33:25 - Bricked Epson printers make a strong case for user repairability


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