0:00 - Intro
0:46 - Data ‘Surveillance’ Crackdown Begins With FTC Privacy Pitch
2:43 - FCC Cancels $886 Million in Funding for SpaceX's Starlink
4:33 - The IRS ramps up its effort to crack down on crypto tax evaders
5:04 - The DOJ is reportedly prepping an antitrust suit against Google over its ad business
6:59 - US claims Chinese seller violated export rules for ZTE
8:06 - Victory! Federal Court Upholds First Amendment Protections for Student’s Off-Campus Social Media Post
9:36 - U.S. lawmakers urge joint use of funds for broadband, EV charge stations
10:24 - Apple warns suppliers to follow China rules on 'Taiwan' labeling
11:44 - Micron to invest $40 billion in U.S. chip manufacturing
13:01 - Facial recognition smartwatches to be used to monitor foreign offenders in UK
15:16 - Tornado Cash co-founder reports being kicked off GitHub as industry reacts to sanctions
16:28 - Iran reveals use of cryptocurrency to pay for imports
17:24 - A fifth of US teens use YouTube 'almost constantly,' with TikTok not far behind
18:39 - Mark Cuban says nobody knows what the metaverse is and buying digital land is 'The dumbest sh*t ever'
19:43 - OnlyFans bribed Meta employees to put rival creators on terror watchlist
20:57 - CEO posts viral crying selfie on LinkedIn after laying off employees
22:08 - Twitter says Musk’s spam analysis used tool that called his own account a bot
24:27 - Instagram model Courtney Clenney charged with murdering boyfriend Christian Toby Obumseli in Florida apartment
25:56 - Meta injecting code into websites to track its users, research says
26:57 - Cisco hacked by Yanluowang ransomware gang, 2.8GB allegedly stolen
27:55 - Curve Finance resolves site exploit, directs users to revoke any recent contracts
28:58 - Someone Is Trolling Ethereum Celebs by Sending ETH From Crypto Mixer Tornado Cash
29:55 - Windows 11 encryption bug could cause data loss, temporary slowdowns on newer PCs
30:39 - SGX, Intel’s supposedly impregnable data fortress, has been breached yet again
31:46 - Hacker Finds Kill Switch for Submachine Gun–Wielding Robot Dog
32:48 - Pretty Good Phone Privacy Masks Your Android Device ID, Mobile Data
34:08 - 7-Eleven stores in Denmark closed due to a cyberattack
35:22 - Amazon is buying iRobot
36:19 - Twilio hacked by phishing campaign targeting internet companies
36:55 - Class Action Targets Experian Over Account Security
38:34 - DuckDuckGo will block more Microsoft ad tracking scripts to improve browser privacy
39:55 - Chaos after heat crashes computers at leading London hospitals
41:42 - This Anti-Tracking Tool Checks If You’re Being Followed


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