0:35 - Minecraft is getting an AI assistant from Facebook and MIT
2:47 - Robot pilot that can grab the flight controls gets its plane licence
4:58 - Illinois County to Use Algorithm to Automatically Expunge Old Marijuana Convictions
6:56 - A new kind of cybercrime uses AI and your voice against you
8:56 - Bear Robotics is raising big bucks for robots that deliver food to restaurant patrons
12:01 - All robots should have googly eyes. Here's why
15:35 - Drone fishing: Victorian man investigated by CASA after video posted online
17:45 - DARPA's scary underground death facility
19:42 - LIGO Might Have Found a Black Hole Too Big to Exist
22:06 - TSA bans Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge 'thermal detonator' Coca-Cola bottles
23:36 - I tried to glitch the simulation and all I got was a bottle of pee
29:11 - Star Wars Hotel: It's Not a Hotel At All, It's a 2 Day Cruise
31:46 - Bang Bros Bought a Huge Porn Doxing Forum and Set Fire to It
33:46 - China's Lunar Rover Has Found Something Weird on the Far Side of the Moon
35:12 - Court: Girl broke child porn law by texting explicit video of herself
37:12 - Cadbury fails to solve racism with multicolored chocolate bar
39:33 - 'I have this sandwich on my mind': Man sues Popeyes for running out of chicken sandwiches
41:01 - Duke Nukem voice actor can now officiate your wedding
42:16 - A US man is suing after a legless juggalo crashed into him with a golf cart
43:56 - Babies develop 'werewolf syndrome’ after medicine mix-up in Spain
45:23 - Anti-groping stamp lets victims mark assailants
47:52 - Mobile penis flashers on the rise in Japan

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