1:38 - Google Contractors Are Unionizing With a Steel Workers Union
4:15 - Google to shift Pixel smartphone production from China to Vietnam
5:51 - Ex-Google employee calls out culture of sexual misbehavior that started ‘at the top’
7:26 - Huawei's next phone will not have Google apps
8:33 - Lawsuit against TSMC could block new devices from entering US
10:26 - Microsoft announces Surface event on October 2nd in New York City
12:20 - Wi-Fi 6 will upgrade your workhorse wireless network
14:24 - Disney+ to Release TV Episodes Weekly: Welcome Relief From Bingeing?
16:56 - Microsoft is moving users to LinkedIn Learning and not everyone's happy about it
18:50 - Amazon reportedly kept a burn book of negative press around NYC HQ2
21:45 - Ring Gave Police Stats About Users Who Said ‘No’ to Law Enforcement Requests
23:09 - npm bans terminal ads
25:26 - Uber, Lyft Propose $21/Hour Minimum Wage For Drivers After Wave Of Protests
26:48 - Apple will launch iPhone 11 on Sept. 10 in Cupertino
27:55 - Apple to provide independent repair shops with iPhone parts
29:55 - 16-bit RISC-V processor made with carbon nanotubes
33:53 - The FTC is reportedly investigating Juul over 'deceptive' teen-focused marketing practices
36:14 - SpaceX launches Starship “hopper” on dramatic test flight
36:51 - Texas police issue explosion warnings ahead of next SpaceX test flight
38:37 - Company behind Foxit PDF Reader announces security breach
38:50 - Teletext Holidays data breach exposes 212,000 customer call recordings
39:13 - Hackers could have breached BioWatch for years, records show
40:06 - Google says hackers have put ‘monitoring implants’ in iPhones for years
42:19 - Apple is turning Siri audio clip review off by default and bringing it in house
43:10 - Airlines Are Banning MacBooks From Checked Luggage
44:15 - Trojan Dropper Malware Found in Android App With 100M Downloads
45:40 - Ransomware hits hundreds of dentist offices in the US

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