0:00 - Intro
0:34 - Alphabet Wing drones delivered 10,000 cups of coffee in the last year
2:43 - Intel unveils details of 100B-transistor AI chip and Alder Lake hybrid processor
3:44 - World's first crewless, zero emissions cargo ship will set sail in Norway
7:37 - Misaligned factory robot may have sparked Chevy Bolt battery fires
8:52 - Waymo starts offering autonomous rides in San Francisco
9:59 - Plane damaged after being hit by York police drone at Buttonville Airport
10:56 - Blue Origin Sheds Its Top Talent
12:55 - International Space Station could be followed by commercial space stations after 2030, NASA says
14:15 - China to launch uncrewed cargo ship to Tiangong station
15:28 - Hubble Captures a Stunning 'Einstein Ring' Magnifying The Depths of The Universe
16:40 - First 3D-Printed Steel Bridge
18:28 - Are You Ready for Sentient Disney Robots?
20:02 - How AI-powered tech landed man in jail with scant evidence
21:07 - Robot thumb allows pianists to play with 11 fingers
22:58 - Model of Jeff Bezos' rocket that looks like a dingus selling for $69
23:54 - Corsican Cows Won’t Give Up Beach Home To Tourists, Post Lockdown
25:48 - How much was son’s xxx collection worth that parents destroyed? Judge decides value
27:43 - City of Reno cracking down on whips, moves forward with public ban
29:21 - 'Reverse zoo' locks visitors in cages so lions can watch them
30:03 - MTN DEW® Flamin Hot® (6 Pack)
32:20 - China's 'common prosperity' push does not mean 'killing the rich', official says
33:09 - U.S. Air Force Predicts Force Fields And Death Rays By 2060
35:15 - Fortnite lets you relive Martin Luther King Jr.'s 'I Have a Dream' speech
37:05 - Home Office responds to complaints about emergency Afghanistan helpline
38:25 - Leopard attacks model in German photoshoot
40:18 - Scientists Reveal World’s First 3D-Printed, Marbled Wagyu Beef
43:06 - Chart: Which Animals Could You Beat in a Fight?
47:20 - Viral video catches fatal Louisiana shooting during Milk Crate challenge
49:07 - Kentucky school district: Students are dressing and acting like cats

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