0:00 - Intro
0:35 - Google's New AI Photo Upscaling Tech is Jaw-Dropping
2:04 - I went to a play written by AI; it was like looking in a circus mirror
3:38 - Toyota pauses Paralympics self-driving buses after one hits visually impaired athlete
4:37 - Waymo will stop selling its self-driving LiDAR sensors to other companies
5:36 - New cracks found on International Space Station
6:47 - Astra rocket fails to reach space during test launch for US military
7:59 - Japan Tests Exploding Rocket Engine for the First Time in Space
9:27 - China researching challenges of kilometer-scale ultra-large spacecraft
10:11 - Virgin Galactic flights grounded over Branson spaceflight 'mishap'
11:21 - New AMD Patent Proposes Teleportation to Make Quantum Computing More Efficient
12:56 - California judge rules that UC–Berkeley must freeze its enrollment under the state's environmental regulations
15:52 - Amazon (AMZN) Delivery Drivers Won't Be Screened for Marijuana
17:08 - Fans can buy a fraction of original doge meme NFT owned by PleasrDAO
18:56 - Police raid unearths prehistoric flying reptile in remarkable condition
20:35 - Sackler Family Wins Immunity From Opioid Lawsuits In Purdue Pharma Bankruptcy
22:16 - TN father's celebratory gunfire for gender reveal prompts 3 school lockdowns
23:45 - A breathing tube through the butt could be an alternative to mechanical ventilators
24:52 - Dolphin skin: What to know about the viral makeup trend
27:34 - San Francisco will pay people to not shoot others: 'Cash for criminals'
28:35 - California seeks gender neutral displays in large stores
30:37 - What happened to Zhao Wei: China erases billionaire actress from history
32:42 - New Physics Experiment Indicates There's No Objective Reality
35:12 - Doctor Attempted To Hire Hells Angels To Order Hit On Witness In His Opioid Fraud Trial
36:39 - Female octopuses observed throwing stuff at males harassing them
38:12 - Russian Sushi Chain Apologizes for Ad Featuring Black Man
40:28 - After selling out in just 1 hour, Kraft Macaroni & Cheese ice cream is available again
41:47 - Stray Dog Visits Hyundai Dealership Every Day, Gets “Hired” as Mascot
44:14 - Petition To Put Yu-Gi-Oh! In Olympics Hits 11,000 Signatures
45:46 - China bans 'sissy men' from TV in new crackdown

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