0:00 - Intro
1:33 - Western Digital Caught Bait-and-Switching Customers With Slow SSDs
3:15 - Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3's camera breaks after unlocking the bootloader
5:46 - Samsung to Hire 40,000 in $205 Billion Three-Year Spree
7:05 - TSMC hikes chip prices up to 20% amid supply shortage
7:56 - Bosch says semiconductor supply chains in car industry no longer work
10:36 - OnlyFans CEO on why site is banning adult content: 'The short answer is banks'
12:16 - Apple wins patent for dual-display MacBook with virtual keyboard and wireless charging capabilities
13:11 - Western Digital-Kioxia in talks to create chipmaker giant
14:38 - Google Says Staff Have No Right to Protest Its Choice of Clients
16:03 - Jeremy Keith Resigns from AMP Advisory Committee: “It Has Become Clear to Me that AMP Remains a Google Product”
17:46 - Netflix takes first stab at mobile gaming in its Android app, but only in Poland
18:57 - Anti-cheat services in video games are now a selling point
20:52 - Older Tesla vehicles to get UI performance boost thanks to famed video game engineer
22:15 - YouTube says content policing is good for business
23:49 - Google Pay team reportedly in major upheaval after botched app revamp
26:52 - PayPal crypto service launches in the UK
27:51 - Apple's anti-fraud chief on company 'distributing child bad things'
29:08 - La Puente man steals 620,000 iCloud photos in plot to find images of women
30:58 - Analysts: Google to pay Apple $15 billion to remain default Safari search engine in 2021
31:24 - Apple already scans iCloud Mail for CSAM, but not iCloud Photos
32:06 - Cable TV Lost 1.1 Million Subscribers Last Quarter. They Went Here.
35:55 - A Third Of Stitch Fix’s Workers Have Quit En Masse
37:13 - T-Mobile hacker explains how he breached carrier's security
37:54 - Clearview AI Offered Free Trials To Police Around The World
39:35 - How Data Brokers Sell Access to the Backbone of the Internet
41:25 - Belarus Hackers Seek to Overthrow Local Government
43:16 - Samsung South Africa activates TV Block function to render all TV sets useless that were looted and stolen in July.
44:21 - Hundreds of thousands of Realtek-based devices under attack from IoT botnet
45:21 - 38M Records Were Exposed Online—Including Contact-Tracing Info
46:13 - Razer bug lets you become a Windows 10 admin by plugging in a mouse

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