0:57 - Samsung ends mobile phone production in China
2:33 - Samsung owes Galaxy S4 owners $10 for cheating on benchmarks
3:54 - Samsung Claims 200,000 Folds for the Galaxy Fold: It Broke After 120,000
5:52 - Intel dramatically cuts prices of top-end i9 gaming chips
8:24 - Microsoft unveils Surface Pro 7 with USB-C
10:36 - It’s real: Microsoft announces the Surface Duo, a dual-screen Android phone
12:07 - People Using Tesla's New Smart Summon Feature Are Already Running Into Trouble And It's Hard To Be Shocked
14:01 - Report: Musk’s $50,000 “pedo guy” investigator is a convicted felon
15:31 - TSMC counter-sues US chip rival GlobalFoundries for patent infringement
16:41 - Kuo: Apple to release 'iPhone SE 2' in Q1 2020 with iPhone 8 design, A13 processor
18:42 - Startup that aims to 3D-print rockets says it’s fully funded for its first commercial missions
20:32 - 3D printers could make you seriously ill
22:07 - Consumer Reports: Cable TV add-on fees can cost you $450 yearly
23:27 - Amazon Is Said to Plan $800 Million Data Center in Argentina
24:26 - Oracle demands $12K from network biz that doesn't use its software
25:55 - Paralysed man moves in mind-reading exoskeleton
28:26 - Intel wants to use AI to reconnect damaged spinal nerves
30:25 - UPS gets FAA approval to operate an entire drone delivery airline
32:22 - Fugitive on run for 17 years found living in cave by a drone
34:02 - VIDEO: ‘Robocats’ are helping the elderly fight loneliness
35:41 - Secretive Seattle startup Picnic unveils pizza-making robot — here’s how it delivers 300 pies/hour

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