0:00 - Intro
0:24 - Serious injuries at Amazon fulfillment centers topped 14,000, despite the company’s safety claims
3:00 - Amazon introduces new hand-scanning payment option in its stores
4:47 - Here Is the Chromecast with Google TV: Features, Specs, Price
6:51 - Google announces the Pixel 5 for $699
7:58 - Google to pay publishers $1 billion over three years for their news
10:47 - Cloudflare's privacy crusade continues with a challenge to one of Google's big data sources
12:52 - Microsoft unveils Surface laptops to fulfill 'PC for every single person' vision
14:10 - The world’s first foldable PC is now available to order from Lenovo
17:30 - Apple Accused of Delaying Masimo Legal Fight to Gain Watch Sales
18:22 - Apple's battle with Epic over Fortnite could reach jury trial next July
19:58 - Google's Epic response: Android 12 will make it easier to install app stores
22:09 - Ikea is saying goodbye to non-rechargeable batteries
23:07 - The Boss Says It’s OK to Take a Break From Zoom. Why Are You Still on Video Calls?
25:46 - Coinbase Offers Severance Package After 'Apolitical' Blog Post
27:08 - Washington emergency responders use SpaceX Starlink satellite internet
29:27 - Indian startups explore alliance and alternative app store to fight Google’s ‘monopoly’
31:27 - Compact Nuclear Fusion Reactor Is ‘Very Likely to Work,’ Studies Suggest
34:03 - Nikola’s deal with GM was supposed to close today—it didn’t
36:09 - Nintendo’s Challenger to Microsoft, Sony Is a Remote-Control Car
38:34 - Palantir: The controversial data firm now worth £17bn
39:37 - Facebook will ban ads that wrongly claim election victory
40:36 - Facebook launches cross-platform messaging on Instagram and Messenger
41:50 - Facebook rebuts 'The Social Dilemma,' popular Netflix documentary
44:00 - Facebook sues two Chrome extension makers for scraping user data
45:54 - Biden campaign blasts Facebook for "regression"
47:38 - Pew: 26% of U.S. adults get their news from YouTube
49:19 - Nikola issues copyright takedowns against critics who use rolling-truck clip
50:34 - Twitter is building ‘Birdwatch,’ a system to fight misinformation by adding more context to tweets
51:57 - Twitter Says You Cannot Tweet That You Hope Trump Dies From COVID
53:49 - A security flaw in Grindr let anyone easily hijack user accounts

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