0:40 - It's the real Heart Bleed: Medtronic locks out vulnerable pacemaker programmer kit
2:09 - ‘Do Not Track’ Privacy Tool Doesn’t Do Anything
2:52 - Trivial authentication bypass in libssh leaves servers wide open
4:03 - Buggy software in popular connected storage drives can let hackers read private data
5:10 - 3D printers have 'fingerprints,' a discovery that could help trace 3D-printed guns
7:23 - Zero-day in popular jQuery plugin actively exploited for at least three years
9:06 - UK Supermarkets to Test Facial Recognition to Verify Alcohol Buyers’ Age
10:59 - Someone Used a Deep Learning AI to Perfectly Insert Harrison Ford Into Solo: A Star Wars Stoy
12:10 - Actors are digitally preserving themselves to continue their careers beyond the grave
13:39 - The Army is preparing to send driverless vehicles into combat
15:21 - Human-competitive Patches in Automatic Program Repair with Repairnator
16:36 - Netflix Reportedly Shows Different Skin Colors on Movie Title Cards Depending on Your Assumed Race
19:09 - Chinese city 'plans to launch artificial moon to replace streetlights'
21:37 - Fighting to keep humans, not robots, as drivers
23:49 - Microplastics found in 90 percent of table salt
25:57 - Memes may contribute to teenage obesity
27:25 - Parents upset after Stanford Shopping Center security robot injures child

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