1:04 - Google contractors reportedly targeted homeless people for Pixel 4 facial recognition
2:16 - Google launches Incognito Mode for Google Maps, and more
3:22 - Chrome will block HTTP content from loading on secure sites
4:04 - Ransomware forces 3 hospitals to turn away all but the most critical patients
5:00 - Report: Alabama hospitals pay hackers in ransomware attack
6:12 - Dutch police take down hornets' nest of DDoS botnets
7:14 - Former Yahoo engineer pleads guilty to hacking user emails in search for porn
9:48 - Attackers exploit 0-day vulnerability that gives full control of Android phones
11:01 - The mod firing squad: Stack Exchange embroiled in 'he said, she said, they said' row
13:16 - Florida man arrested for cutting electric scooter brakes
15:18 - Eat Less Red Meat, Scientists Said. Now Some Believe That Was Bad Advice.
18:39 - Asics apologizes after porn plays on promotional screens outside New Zealand store
19:56 - Woman who sleeps in $500 EMF-blocking sack wants area-wide Wi-Fi limits
21:19 - Driverless Tesla Model 3 Pulled Over By Police For Failure To Stop
22:50 - Isabel Albright of San Lorenzo dies at 102, DirecTV charges early termination fee
24:29 - Implanted memories teach birds songs they've never heard
26:39 - Cheating allegations against poker player Mike Postle halt livestreamed games
28:07 - Aliens may have bugged space rocks to spy on Earth, scientist says
29:13 - Lung Damage From Vaping Resembles Chemical Burns, Report Says
30:25 - A new, non-vaping, non-smoking way to get nicotine has come to America
32:03 - Indigestion, save ends: Wendy’s releases a massive D&D-style tabletop RPG
32:40 - Man sues Apple claiming iPhone turned him gay
35:43 - CRISPR might be the banana’s only hope against a deadly fungus
39:16 - Movie Theaters' Latest Gamble: Ads Mixed in With Trailers

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