1:05 - ACLU sues FBI, DOJ over facial-recognition technology, criticizing ‘unprecedented’ surveillance and secrecy
2:26 - US Court Shields Internet Subscribers From Futile Piracy Complaints
4:43 - The FTC fosters fake reviews, its own commissioners say
7:44 - Booker introduces bill banning facial recognition tech in public housing
8:59 - Alexa, is he guilty of murder? Amazon device may have heard slaying, cops say
10:44 - Comcast Touts Privacy Policy While Reportedly Fighting Google's Encryption Plans
13:15 - Air Force X-37B spaceplane returns to Earth after 780-day mission
14:41 - Sidewalk Labs document reveals company’s early vision for data collection, tax powers, criminal justice
16:22 - Netflix Expands Into a World Full of Censors
20:20 - Spain and GitHub Are Blocking an App That Helped Protesters Organize
22:13 - Text editor releases ‘Free Uyghur’ edition, gets swamped with Chinese spam
24:15 - US Interior Department to ground its drones over Chinese spying risk
25:42 - FCC Targets China’s Huawei and ZTE
27:44 - China to Funnel $29 Billion Towards its Chip Ambitions
30:18 - Adobe gets U.S. license to operate in Venezuela despite sanctions
31:28 - Australia wants to use face recognition for porn age verification
32:56 - Russia's controversial sovereign internet law goes into force
34:24 - Government officials around the globe targeted for hacking through WhatsApp
36:04 - Facebook deletes the accounts of NSO Group workers
37:33 - Zuckerberg doubles down on Facebook political ads policy after Twitter ban
40:05 - Facebook agrees to pay Cambridge Analytica fine to UK
40:49 - Facebook alters video to make people invisible to facial recognition
43:46 - Facebook sues domain name registrar over cybersquatting addresses
45:13 - Exclusive: U.S. opens national security investigation into TikTok
47:00 - Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Says Company Will Stop Accepting Political Ads
48:52 - Man Sues Twitter For $1 Billion Claiming His Account's Suspension Violated His Right To Worship President Trump As A Demigod
51:03 - Why a top content moderation company quit the business instead of fixing its problems
53:48 - Black Salve Is A Dangerous Fake Cancer Cure, But Facebook Groups It To Flourish
55:25 - Facebook, Instagram to censor ‘horny’ eggplant and peach emojis

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