0:49 - Amazon will launch new grocery store as alternative to Whole Foods
2:47 - Dell Unveils Subscription Model to Counter Amazon, Microsoft
4:38 - GitHub faces more resignations in light of ICE contract
5:54 - Microsoft vows to ‘honor’ California’s sweeping privacy law across entire US
7:17 - Microsoft Apocalypse-Proofs Open Source Code in an Arctic Cave
8:46 - Microsoft adds over 50 games to xCloud preview, plans launch for 2020
9:44 - More than 10 million people sign up for Disney+ in first day
11:37 - SpaceX second Starlink mission success and rocket landing
13:19 - SpaceX Successfully Tests Crewed Dragon Launch Abort Engines
14:26 - Elon Musk’s Solar Deal Has Become Top Threat to Tesla’s Future
15:50 - Uber Hit With $650 Million Employment Tax Bill in New Jersey
17:32 - AMD Ryzen 9 3950X Review: A 16-Core Zen 2 Powerhouse
18:29 - Next in Google’s Quest for Consumer Dominance: Banking
20:12 - Google Chrome to identify and label slow websites
21:03 - Google’s ‘Project Nightingale’ Gathers Personal Health Data on Millions of Americans
22:47 - Google-Oracle copyright dispute to be decided by Supreme Court
24:17 - Google is scaling back its weekly all-hands meetings after leaks, CEO tells staff
25:31 - Google manipulates search results to hide sensitive subjects
26:56 - Google Reveals Stadia Launch Lineup of 12 Games
29:07 - Apple introduces 16-inch MacBook Pro, the world’s best pro notebook
31:43 - Apple Plans Bundle of Apple Music, Apple News, Apple TV (AAPL)
33:02 - Apple's 'sexist' credit card investigated by US regulator
35:40 - Apple to remove vaping apps from its App Store
37:50 - Motorola Razr hands-on with the new foldable Android phone
39:45 - The org that doles out .org websites just sold itself to a for-profit company
40:45 - Study of over 11,000 online stores finds 'dark patterns' on 1,254 sites
44:41 - Former Apple chip executives found company to take on Intel, AMD

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