0:00 - Intro
1:35 - Apple will no longer break Face ID on repaired iPhone 13s
2:56 - Apple Can’t Delay App Store December Deadline as Epic Legal Battle Continues
4:16 - Valve Apologizes For Steam Deck Delay To February 2022
5:35 - Google’s parent company briefly hits $2 trillion valuation
6:27 - AMD Rallies After Landing Meta in Latest Server Chip Win
7:29 - Microsoft’s new $249 Surface Laptop SE is its first true Chromebook competitor
9:21 - Microsoft to Kill OneDrive for Windows 7, 8, 8.1 in Early 2022
10:41 - Huawei offloads x86 business as it chases self-sufficiency
11:54 - Reddit to reportedly tokenize karma points and onboard 500M new users
14:21 - Rolls-Royce gets funding to develop mini nuclear reactors
16:19 - Netflix rolling out AV1 support on TVs now
18:07 - Rivian goes public in one of the biggest IPOs ever
20:00 - 'Financial Colonialism': A Bitcoin Mine in Navajo Nation Flares Tensions
22:25 - Jeff Bezos-Backed Property Startup La Haus Plans to Accept Bitcoin as Payment
24:10 - Discord pushes pause on exploring crypto and NFTs amidst user backlash
25:34 - Unity to buy 'The Lord of the Rings' VFX studio Weta Digital in $1.63 bln deal
27:24 - General Electric (GE) Will Split Into Three Units, Ending Conglomerate for Good
28:26 - Meta Quest 2 Is Already Replacing Oculus Quest 2 Branding
29:10 - Elon Musk, Tesla Execs Are Cashing Out Billions as Stock Hits Record
30:51 - Bitcoin's Taproot Upgrade Should Occur On Saturday
31:55 - Patreon’s building native video hosting for creators to sidestep YouTube
32:54 - Windows 11 SE won’t be sold separately, can’t be reinstalled once removed
33:57 - Google is taking sign-ups for Relate, a voice assistant that recognizes impaired speech
35:09 - Nvidia's Riva Custom Voice lets companies create custom voices powered by AI
36:26 - SpinLaunch is a thing for space
38:00 - Microsoft is adding more AI smarts and other new tools to Office
39:18 - Iraqi PM Safe After Drone Attack on Residence, Military Says
40:16 - Drone attack: US electrical grid threatened last year, report reveals
41:13 - A broken toilet on SpaceX capsule means astronauts will return to Earth in diapers


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