2:18 - U.S. judge says Qualcomm violated antitrust law; appeal planned, shares plunge
4:37 - Navy official blast government lawyers for spying on Navy SEAL lawyers
8:28 - Hackers Are Holding Baltimore's Government Computers Hostage, and It's Not Even Close to Over
11:07 - Senators propose bill requiring warrants to search devices at the border
12:17 - T-Mobile, Sprint Merger Gets FCC Chairman Backing After Concessions
14:51 - Senate passes bill cracking down on robocalls
17:17 - NASA officially orders its first segment of a lunar space station
18:53 - Do Not Track Act Would Give Users More Power
20:15 - Living In A Van in Google's Backyard? Some Employees Make It Work
23:56 - 47 Democrats cave on net neutrality after GOP calls bill “dead on arrival”
24:52 - NASA executive quits weeks after appointment to lead 2024 moon landing plan
26:55 - Anti-loot box bill could radically change how video games are sold
30:53 - Redditor allowed to stay anonymous, court rules
32:40 - Bitcoin Threatens To 'Take Power' From The U.S. Federal Reserve
33:27 - Microsoft calls for federal regulation of the tech industry
36:07 - Revealed: 5G rollout is being stalled by rows over lampposts
38:21 - Wikileaks: Ecuador ‘to hand’ Assange belongings to US
41:09 - Google's ad system under EU probe for how it spreads your private data
43:27 - Apple tells UK CMA that it will notify consumers of iPhone slowdowns
44:48 - Online encyclopedia Wikipedia to take Turkey to the European Court of Human Rights to fight a blanket ban in Turkey
46:28 - Tencent Video delays Game of Thrones finale in China
48:51 - US reportedly considering blacklisting China's Hikvision
50:10 - Huawei can’t officially use microSD cards in its phones going forward
52:02 - Huawei’s Yearslong Rise Is Littered With Accusations of Theft and Dubious Ethics
53:23 - Huawei executive accused of helping steal trade secrets
54:21 - Indonesia restricts WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram usage following deadly riots
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