0:31 - UK police say 92% false positive facial recognition is no big deal
2:43 - Police Drop Charges Filed Against 19-Year-Old Who Downloaded Public Documents From Gov't FOI Portal
5:10 - DHS Seizes Aftermarket iPhone Screens From Prominent Right-to-Repair Advocate
11:06 - Lawmakers move to block government from ordering digital "back doors"
13:36 - Twitter Is Banning Conservatives for Posting Facts
15:46 - UK Proposes Prison Time For Offensive Online
18:21 - CA Energy Commission Adopts Standards Requiring Solar Systems for New Homes, First in Nation
20:50 - Important Fourth Circuit Ruling on Cell Phone Border Searches
25:06 - EMP Commission warns 'blackout' of electricity, food, water to last 'year or longer,' huge death toll
28:21 - Ticketmaster hopes to speed up event access by scanning your face
29:53 - New Service Blocks EU Users So Companies Can Save Thousands on GDPR Compliance
31:16 - Uber flying car prototype
33:47 - EA Still Believes in Loot Boxes, Will 'Push Forward' With Their Use
35:07 - Things are looking bleak as ZTE ceases main business operations
38:01 - President Trump just saved embattled Chinese phone maker ZTE
39:00 - Tesla engineering head, Doug Field, takes break from company
40:25 - Vigil Held for Teens Killed in Fort Lauderdale Tesla Crash
41:53 - Tesla battery reignited days after catching on fire in crash as NTSB investigate fire response to another Tesla crash
44:22 - Police probe whether Autopilot feature was on in Tesla crash
45:09 - Symantec stock tanks after warning its annual report may be delayed by probe
46:41 - Goldman Sachs, Apple to launch joint credit card

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