0:00 - Intro
4:09 - Production Resumes at Some JBS Meat Plants After Cyberattacks
4:39 - Fujifilm becomes the latest victim of a network-crippling ransomware attack
5:51 - Ransomware attack disrupts Massachusetts ferries
6:24 - JBS cyber attack: 1/5 of beef production wiped out in massive hack
7:59 - U.S. to give ransomware hacks similar priority as terrorism, official says
10:05 - Supreme Court narrows scope of CFAA computer hacking law
13:11 - FTC looks at tightening regulations around subscription services to avoid trapping consumers
14:52 - Amazon warehouse injuries '80% higher' than competitors, report claims
19:06 - Amazon’s (AMZN) Ring Will Ask Police to Publicly Request User Videos
20:34 - Two New Laws Restrict Police Use of DNA Search Method
22:49 - Former health department employee, Rebekah Jones, granted official whistleblower status
25:02 - Venus can’t wait—NASA plans blockbuster return to hothouse neighbor
27:00 - Requiring proof of age to look at online porn raises privacy issues, Senate committee hears
27:57 - EU Digital Wallet Proposal to Store ID Data, Official Documents
29:55 - Europe to US: Pass new laws if you want a data-transfer deal
30:22 - NSA spied on European politicians through Danish telecommunications hub
32:05 - Huawei ex-director on trial in Poland on China spying charge
33:24 - Chinese hackers are attacking Uyghurs by posing as UN Human Rights Council
34:33 - Iran Bans Crypto Mining After Months of Blackouts
35:52 - Google is making it harder for Android apps to track you once you’ve opted out
36:58 - Norton 360 antivirus now lets you mine Ethereum cryptocurrency
39:15 - Firefox now autoupdates on Windows even when not running
40:08 - Huawei USB LTE dongles are vulnerable to privilege escalation attacks
41:05 - Alibaba’s Huge Browser Business Is Harvesting The ‘Private’ Web Activity Of Millions Of Android And iPhone Users
42:17 - Poisoned Installers Found in SolarWinds Hackers Toolkit
43:22 - Live streams go down across Cox radio & TV stations in apparent ransomware attack

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