0:46 - iTunes Expected to Be Retired After Over 18 Years
2:27 - Google kills its Twitch killer—the YouTube Gaming app shuts down this week
4:59 - Amazon interested in buying Boost from T-Mobile, Sprint
6:52 - Microsoft will distribute more Xbox titles through Steam and finally support Win32 games
9:38 - Netflix to raise prices for UK subscribers by up to 20%
11:45 - Chrome to limit full ad blocking extensions to enterprise users
15:13 - PCI Express 5.0 Announced With 32GT/s Transfer Rates
17:01 - AMD unveils the 12-core Ryzen 9 3900X, at half the price of Intel’s competing Core i9 9920X chipset
18:54 - Intel Odyssey Futuristic 2035 GPU Collection Is Totally Wild, Driver Advancements, Game Updates Released
21:35 - The Asus ZenBook Pro Duo is an extravagant laptop with two 4K screens
25:14 - SpaceX Starlink satellites dazzle but pose big questions for astronomers
27:38 - Uber will start deactivating riders with low ratings
29:50 - Amazon Purges Small Suppliers for P&G, Sony, Lego Bulk Orders
33:03 - BBC Immediately Hits Data Cap With First 5G Broadcast
33:44 - Uber passenger's death draws attention to 'vomit fraud' allegations in ride-hailing business
37:59 - Introducing Librem Social
40:36 - Facebook reportedly thinks there's no 'expectation of privacy' on social media
41:35 - Facebook is financing a massive solar farm in Texas
44:21 - Morgan Freeman voices Mark Zuckerberg's AI assistant
45:37 - T-Series is the first YouTube channel to hit 100 million subscribers
46:57 - Instagram Influencer With 2.6m Followers Struggles To Sell 36 T-Shirts

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