1:57 - Comcast broke law 445,000 times in scheme to inflate bills, judge finds
3:34 - NASA estimates it will need $20 to $30 billion for moon landing, administrator says
4:53 - Suits allege Amazon’s Alexa violates laws by recording children’s voices without consent
8:25 - The long-awaited upgrade to the US weather forecast model is here
10:14 - A Year Later, U.S. Government Websites Are Still Redirecting to Hardcore Porn
12:50 - Ten U.S. states sue to stop Sprint-T-Mobile deal, saying consumers will be hurt
15:01 - Supreme Court to hear Comcast appeal in Byron Allen racial bias suit
18:01 - Google must face lawsuit alleging hiring bias against conservatives, judge rules
20:17 - Maine governor signs bill banning internet providers from selling consumer data without consent
21:20 - Nasa to open International Space Station to tourists
23:23 - Poway Synagogue Shooting: 8chan Served Search Warrant for Alleged Shooter’s Posts, Data on Other Users
24:21 - Texas Can Steal Your Photos Without Paying for 'Takings'
26:36 - Congress to investigate deepfakes as doctored Pelosi video causes stir
28:17 - CERN Ditches Microsoft to 'Take Back Control' with Open Source Software
29:43 - Dawn of the noisy electric car: EU laws requiring audible warning sounds take effect July 1
33:11 - India set to launch second lunar mission; land rover on the moon
33:51 - India plans to have its own space station
34:37 - Draft bill proposes 10-year prison term for dealing in cryptocurrency
36:40 - Huawei scraps laptop launch because of US blacklisting
38:49 - Telegram blames China for cyberattack coinciding with Hong Kong protests
40:27 - Kim Dotcom in final bid to halt extradition
41:50 - Russia Says it Will Soon Begin Blocking Major VPNs

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