0:00 - Intro
7:42 - DC attorney general files antitrust lawsuit against Amazon
8:44 - Senate Preparing $10 Billion Bailout Fund for Jeff Bezos Space Firm
10:44 - DHS to issue first cybersecurity regulations for pipelines after Colonial hack
12:13 - Federal Reserve Chair outlines the Federal Reserve's response to technological advances driving rapid change in the global payments landscape
13:41 - The White House Is Partnering With Dating Apps To Get Horny People Vaccinated
14:50 - Florida, in a First, Will Fine Social Media Companies That Bar Candidates
15:50 - California will require Uber, Lyft drivers to transition to electric cars
16:52 - GCHQ’s mass data interception violated right to privacy, court rules
18:13 - EU set to open antitrust probe into Facebook’s classified ads business
19:59 - EU guidelines target tech giants over monetising disinformation
21:02 - Clearview AI hit with sweeping legal complaints over controversial face scraping in Europe
22:24 - Google Sees Sweeping German Antitrust Probes Into Data Terms
23:17 - Germany aims to get self-driving cars on the roads in 2022
24:37 - German ‘Upload Filter’ Law Sets Standards to Prevent Overblocking
26:17 - Russia Raises Heat on Twitter, Google and Facebook in Online Crackdown
26:35 - Russia makes good on its threat to fine Google over 'illegal' internet content
27:31 - China will likely ban all bitcoin mining soon
28:17 - China calls out ByteDance, Kuaishou, and LinkedIn for illegal data collection
29:25 - Police In Delhi Have Descended On Twitter’s Headquarters In The Country
30:44 - US-China tech fight opens new front in Ethiopia
33:07 - South Korean Congressman Proposes ‘HOTS Law’ to Prevent Termination of Esports Events
35:53 - Indonesian government blocks hacking forum after data leak
37:54 - Industry groups sue to stop Florida’s new social media law
39:30 - Facebook Board Rejects Proposals to Curb Zuckerberg's Power
40:51 - Apple refused to remove negative ratings for the Facebook app left by pro-Palestinian activists upset over censorship
42:36 - WhatsApp sues Indian government over new regulations
44:52 - India asks social media firms to remove reference to 'Indian variant' of coronavirus
45:25 - Twitter Decries India Intimidation, Will Press For Changes
47:35 - YouTube announces changes in its terms of services
50:18 - Facebook Ends Ban on Posts Asserting Covid-19 Was Man-Made

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