1:46 - FCC's Ajit Pai Will Not Recuse Himself Into Securus Probe
3:47 - FCC's Ajit Pai Again Refuses to Answer Congress' 'DDoS' Questions
7:32 - Europe fines Asus, Denon Marantz, Philips, Pioneer for fixing prices
9:13 - NY orders Charter out of state, says it must sell Time Warner Cable system
12:10 - Tech firms should be made liable for 'fake news' on sites: UK lawmakers
14:36 - UK snooping 'unlawful for more than decade' - BBC News
17:10 - The MPAA Seeks Stronger Actions to Fight Streaming Video Piracy
19:19 - Senator Asks US Government to Remove Flash From Federal Sites, Computers
20:56 - Massachusetts proposes net neutrality law to call out bad ISPs
22:09 - Massachusetts Senate Passes Resolution to Do In-Depth Study on Right-to-Repair
23:10 - Rep. Don Young's Constituents Criticize His Apparent Net Neutrality Reversal
24:42 - Windows scores a win over Linux as another state decides to switch
27:37 - Court: Native American tribe can't be a "sovereign" shield during patent review
29:41 - Government spends $150,000 to create video game to teach people how to run a business
32:41 - Twitter stock plunges 21% after earnings show effects of fake-account purge
34:37 - Twitter says that it will begin suspending repeatedly abusive Periscope commenters
35:50 - Twitter's cleanup effort continues: It suspended more than 143,000 developer apps in the last quarter
36:44 - Twitter appears to have fixed "shadow ban" of prominent Republicans
38:53 - Facebook bans 'InfoWars' founder Alex Jones for 30 days
41:17 - Facebook Earnings Call Disaster Reminds Investors of Deadly Investing Mistakes
42:42 - Facebook shareholders have drawn up a new proposal to fire Mark Zuckerberg as chairman
44:15 - Facebook signs agreement with Washington state to end discriminatory ad targeting
45:41 - Facebook Forced to Block 20,000 Posts About Snack Food Conspiracy After PepsiCo Sues
47:24 - Facebook's "downvote" system begins rolling out wider in US

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