0:48 - Trump says U.S. could tax French wine in retaliation for digital tax
3:15 - Trump: no Apple tariff waivers, relief for Mac Pro parts made in China
4:34 - DOJ says it will take a broad antitrust look at Big Tech; stocks dip
5:52 - Amazon ‘destroyed the retail industry across the US’ says Treasury Secretary Mnuchin
7:59 - White House: Google’s work in China is not a security risk
9:47 - US attorney general William Barr says Americans should accept security risks of encryption backdoors
11:20 - NSA Forms Cybersecurity Directorate Under More Assertive U.S. Effort
14:04 - A Bipartisan Bill That Could End Our Robocall Hell Just Passed the House 429-3
16:23 - Facial recognition may be banned from public housing thanks to proposed law
18:38 - Equifax to pay at least $575 million as part of FTC settlement
20:41 - Tulsi Gabbard sues Google over violations of 'free speech'
27:22 - New York City to Consider Banning Sale of Cellphone Location Data
29:37 - Atlanta pauses scooter permits after deaths
33:49 - Freshly elected as UK’s next PM, Boris Johnson pledges full fiber broadband bonanza
35:59 - France Is Making Space-Based Anti-Satellite Laser Weapons
39:38 - Huawei secretly helped build North Korea's wireless network, leaked documents suggest
40:57 - Facebook, Google, could have to expose algorithms to Australia ACCC
42:58 - Facebook warns of costly privacy changes, discloses another U.S. probe
43:47 - FTC To Hold Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Personally Liable For Future Violations
46:09 - Facebook ends friend data access for Microsoft and Sony, the last 2 of its legacy partners, under FTC deal
49:07 - Facebook design flaw let thousands of kids join chats with unauthorized users
52:14 - The YouTubers Union Is Not Messing Around

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