0:05 - YouTube mystery ban on hacking videos has content creators puzzled
3:06 - Facebook downgrades posts that promote miracle cures 4:24 - Facebook abused to spread Remote Access Trojans since 2014
5:30 - Facebook’s image outage reveals how the company’s AI tags your photos
6:08 - TikTok under investigation over child data use
7:48 - Facebook campus given all-clear after sarin scare
8:21 - How A.I. Helped Improve Crowd Counting in Hong Kong Protests
10:37 - Image recognition, mini apps, QR codes: how China uses tech to sort its waste
11:59 - AI invents more effective flu vaccine in world first, Adelaide researchers say
13:59 - These gloves turn sign language into audible speech
16:04 - Artifical intelligence helps to identify bat species that are suspected of carrying Nipah virus in Kerala
16:56 - Group of biologists tries to bury the idea that plants are conscious
18:59 - Air Force Accidentally Dropped 3 Dummy Bombs on Florida, Asks Public Not to Touch If Found
19:19 - A third CRISPR baby may have already been born in China - MIT Technology Review
20:26 - In Early-Morning Roundups, Denver Grabs Geese In City Parks To Kill Them And Send Meat To Hungry Families
20:38 - Schools Are Using 'Aggression Detecting' Mics That Are Set Off By Coughing, Slamming Locker Doors To Head Off The Next School Shooting
21:33 - Scientists are searching for a mirror universe. It could be sitting right in front of you.
23:03 - Uber recruits grannies as couriers to deliver ramen in Japan

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