0:00 - Intro
1:34 - FTC settlement with Ever orders data and AIs deleted after facial recognition pivot
4:15 - Airbnb blocks D.C. reservations around inauguration
5:39 - UFO report: An unclassified report on UFOs must be released in 180 days, thanks to the Covid-19 relief and spending bill
7:42 - Sealed U.S. Court Records Exposed in SolarWinds Breach
9:27 - UK nuclear spacecraft could halve time of journey to Mars
12:00 - EU must 'move at speed' on space broadband network
12:42 - Don't Toss It, Fix It! Europe Is Guaranteeing Citizens the "Right to Repair"
14:51 - ECB's Christine Lagarde Blasts Bitcoin’s Role in Facilitating Money Laundering
16:12 - New Zealand central bank says data system hacked
18:24 - Russia may fine citizens who use SpaceX’s Starlink Internet service
19:07 - Turkey probes Facebook's move to collect WhatsApp data
20:00 - Trump's Twitter ban prompts outcry from Germany and France
20:10 - Poland plans to make censoring of social media accounts illegal
23:00 - Uganda orders all social media to be blocked - letter
24:18 - YouTube takes action against Trump, bans uploads for at least 7 days
24:48 - Twitter (TWTR) News, Quote: Shares Fall 6% Following Permanent Trump Ban
26:31 - Internet Provider to Restrict Access to Facebook, Twitter to Customers Who Request It
28:32 - WhatsApp clarifies privacy practices after surge in Signal and Telegram users
30:06 -Telegram adds 25 million new users in just 72 hours as rival apps falter
31:09 - Elon Musk Advises People to Ditch Facebook and Use Signal
32:38 - Facebook says it's now removing content containing the phrase 'Stop the Steal'
33:49 - Facebook removes 'likes' feature from public pages
35:10 - YouTube and WhatsApp inch closer to half a billion users in India
37:00 - TikTok: All under-16s' accounts made private

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