0:00 - Intro
0:38 - Twitter locks Trump out of his account for at least 12 hours
4:17 - In Georgia, Facebook’s Changes Brought Back a Partisan News Feed
7:39 - Facebook Denies Shadow Banning, Receives Patent for Shadow Banning
8:52 - North Dakota man kicks in front door after getting no reply to Facebook friend request, police say
11:36 - A giant black hole keeps evading detection and scientists can't explain it
14:16 - Confused Americans Think the Rioter's Name Who Stole Podium from US Capitol is 'Via Getty'
16:00 - This giant body-surfing David Hasselhoff could be your new roommate
18:08 - NHL announces sponsors for realigned 2020-21 divisions
20:21 - Some Florida counties turned to Eventbrite to distribute vaccines. Then the scammers came
22:52 - To ‘educate students on cows’, govt to hold national cow science exam on Feb 25 s
25:58 - Frosty The Protester: Belarusian Man Arrested For Snowman
28:29 - Conspiracy theorists share schematic for “5G chip” they claim is implanted in COVID-19 vaccines – only it's actually for the Boss Metal Zone Guitar Pedal
30:46 - As end to pandemic mask-wearing nears, South Koreans scramble to arrange cosmetic surgery
34:22 - Man arrested for forging prized popsicle sticks to win Pokemon cards
35:56 - Rap Lyrics Are Now Allowed as Court Evidence: A Dangerous Precedent
39:18 - Giant hoo-hoo dilly sculpture fuels culture wars in Brazil
42:33 - Hüga $75,000 concrete prefab tiny home is hurricane and bulletproof
45:24 - Denmark launches children's TV show about man with giant dingle dang
48:12 - Connecticut's Beardsley Zoo mourns the death of zoo's first mayor Wiggles the Chinchilla
50:00 - Zookeeper: Fiona the hippo turning 4, but still too young to think about boys
51:36 - Michigan Law To Allow Veterinarians To Consult Pets For Cannabis Use

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