0:00 - Intro
1:41 - More than half of Americans turned to video games during lockdown
3:34 - Working from home: 30% say they would quit if forced back to office
6:36 - Graphics cards are about to get a lot more expensive, Asus warns
7:40 - AMD Patent Reveals Hybrid CPU-FPGA Design That Could Be Enabled By Xilinx Tech
8:54 - Uber wasted $100 million on useless digital ad campaigns
10:32 - When Big Brands Stopped Spending On Digital Ads, Nothing Happened. Why?
13:49 - Google iOS apps not updated in weeks. Are Apple privacy labels why?
16:08 - Google (GOOG) Union: Workers Escalating Tension With Management
17:37 - Wi-Fi’s biggest upgrade in decades is starting to arrive
19:49 - Apple Reportedly Asks Foxconn To Create Foldable iPhone Shells
21:26 - Elon Musk (TSLA) Becomes World's Richest Person, Passes Jeff Bezos
23:06 - Facebook Smart Glasses Coming ‘Sooner Than Later’ Without AR
24:45 - Verizon indefinitely delays 3G network shutdown
26:17 - ‘Minecraft Earth’ will shut down on June 30th
27:33 - Discovery+ launches today, and it's available on Fire TV, Roku and more
30:07 - Ether soars above $1,000 as bitcoin sets another record
32:41 - Epic Games buys enormous shopping mall, will convert it to global HQ
33:56 - Microsoft planning ‘sweeping visual rejuvenation of Windows’
36:00 - Waymo shelves 'self-driving' term for its technology to shore up safety
37:13 - Court Rules Deliveroo Used 'Discriminatory' Algorithm
41:44 - To Help Trudge Through the Snow, the Chang'e-5 Recovery Team Wore Powered Exoskeletons
43:05 - Robotic Melodica Student Is Enthusiastic But Terrible
44:52 - OpenAI's new machine learning AI model generates images from text

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