0:00 - Intro
1:05 - 'Deepfake' Queen delivers alternative Christmas speech in warning about misinformation
3:13 - Nuro becomes first company to receive commercial autonomous vehicle permit from California DMV
4:20 - DeepMind's AI agent MuZero could turbocharge YouTube
6:26 - Google told its scientists to 'strike a positive tone' in AI research
11:57 - France bans use of drones to police protests in Paris
13:10 - Algorithm puts just seven residents on Stanford Medicine’s initial COVID-19 vaccine distribution list
15:15 - Elon Musk says Tesla's Full Self-Driving subscription arrives in early 2021
17:16 - NORAD's Santa makes first known visit to International Space Station
19:10 - Korean artificial sun sets the new world record of 20-sec-long operation at 100 million degrees
20:03 - Microplastics revealed in the placentas of unborn babies
21:56 - EXCLUSIVE: Victim of man who pleaded guilty in diaper fetish human trafficking scheme breaks silence
24:46 - Siberian Cows Wear Woolly Bras to Stay Warm
26:38 - CBS Frets Too Many ’Thank You’ Emails Contributing To Global Warming
29:22 - ‘Apocalyptic’ sea foam overwhelms Australian beaches, bringing forth deadly sea snakes, ‘half a cow’
31:25 - Court tells German baker to stop making sawdust cookies
34:53 - Dream hires Harvard astrophysicist to disprove Minecraft cheating accusations
37:32 - Michigan judges are locking up children for noncriminal offenses like repeatedly disobeying their parents and skipping school
40:08 - NFL, Nickelodeon Launch Kids Site With Sports Betting-Like Elements
41:16 - Breakingviews - China Inc will recycle used white guys
43:08 - After permit approved for whites-only church, small Minnesota town insists it isn't racist
46:46 - Bodybuilder faces heartbreak at Christmas as doll wife tragically breaks
49:08 - Ram 2500 Drivers Have the Most DUIs, More Than Twice the National Average
50:33 - Police shut down Christmas mall kiosk after intoxicated Santa, Mrs. Claus and elf did the thing in public
53:31 - Reporter quits job, leaves husband after falling for jailed 'Pharma Bro' Martin Shkreli
57:39 - The Space Force is better at 'Call of Duty' than the rest of the military
1:00:19 - KFC just launched a gaming console with a built-in chicken warmer

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