2:23 - FCC forced by court to ask the public (again) if they think tearing up net neutrality was a really good idea or not
5:22 - ISPs sue Maine, claim Web-privacy law violates their free-speech rights
6:59 - Data breach hits agency overseeing White House communications
8:42 - Trump administration backs Oracle in Supreme Court battle against Google
11:07 - U.S. mulls cutting Huawei off from global chip suppliers, with TSMC in crosshairs
12:26 - The CIA Won't Admit It Uses Slack
13:59 - US Navy orders AMD, Nvidia-powered supercomputer with 590TB of RAM
15:25 - L.A. County D.A.’s Office Reaches $18.8M Settlement on Behalf of 170,000 Customers Over Internet Speeds
17:28 - Google sued by New Mexico AG for allegedly collecting location data, contact lists from students
19:12 - Elon Musk says all advanced AI development should be regulated, including at Tesla
22:02 - Sweden starts testing world's first central bank digital currency
23:26 - Google users in UK to lose EU data protection
24:26 - U.K. to Spend $1.6 Billion on World’s Best Climate Supercomputer
26:30 - China Enlists Tech Titans to Help It Track Coronavirus With Color-Based QR Codes
29:29 - Indian police open case against hundreds in Kashmir for using VPN
30:55 - Bengal snaps internet in 9 districts to stop leak of board exam questions
32:58 - Israeli soldiers tricked into installing malware by Hamas agents posing as women
35:02 - Facebook will now pay you for your voice recordings
37:01 - IRS sues Facebook for $9B, says company offshored profits to Ireland
38:38 - Twitter is testing new ways to fight misinformation — including a community-based points system
41:58 - WikiLeaks Twitter account suspiciously locked just days before Assange extradition hearing
43:07 - Revealed: quarter of all tweets about climate crisis produced by bots
44:37 - Zuckerberg's aides blow-dry his armpits to help with anxiety sweat before speeches, book claims

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