0:00 - Intro
2:41 - Biden to order supply chain review to assess U.S. reliance on overseas semiconductors
4:28 - Maryland To Become First State To Tax Online Ads Sold By Facebook And Google
5:08 - Amazon, Facebook, Google back lawsuit against Maryland’s new online ad tax
6:51 - Amazon Sues NY Attorney General to Stop Virus Probe
7:22 - NY Sues Amazon, Saying It Inadequately Protected Workers From Covid-19
9:15 - Apple wins victory as North Dakota votes down bill that would regulate app stores
11:00 - Minneapolis bans its police department from using facial recognition software
12:12 - Fortnite creator Epic files European Union complaint against Apple
14:10 - Uber loses gig workers rights challenge in UK Supreme Court
15:46 - TikTok hit with consumer, child safety and privacy complaints in Europe
17:52 - How Oracle Sells Repression in China
19:28 - Facebook blocks Australia news
20:17 - Posts disappear from pages of health authorities, Bureau of Meteorology amid Facebook news ban
23:06 - U.S. charges three North Koreans in $1.3 billion hacking spree
23:57 - UN warns Myanmar military as generals defend power grab
24:52 - Ghana Telecom Licensing Rules May be Eased to Lower Data Costs for Consumers
26:04 - Research linking violent entertainment to aggression retracted after scrutiny
26:58 - Parler is back online after controversy surrounding Jan. 6 Capitol attack
27:53 - What to know about privacy before you accept a Clubhouse invite
28:57 - Clubhouse says it will improve security after researchers raise China spying concerns
29:32 - Facebook Says “Technical Issues” Were the Cause of Broken Promise to Congress
31:03 - Facebook Knowingly Profited Off Junk Ad Efficacy Estimates, Lawsuit Claims
32:36 - Twitch censors Metallica BlizzCon concert with dorkiest music imaginable

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