0:00 - Intro
1:47 - Kids May Be Using Laptops Made With Forced Labor This Fall
4:30 - 750 million genetically engineered mosquitoes approved for release in Florida Keys
6:31 - A car-sized asteroid made the closest Earth flyby a space rock has ever survived
7:28 - NASA Is Tracking a Vast, Growing Anomaly in Earth's Magnetic Field
9:09 - We won’t remember much of what we did in the pandemic
10:16 - CIA Project Aquiline Declassified - Nuclear-Powered Bird Drone
12:37 - Not Everyone Needs 8 Hours of Sleep, New Research Reveals
14:53 - Pavlok's Covid-Friendly Bracelet Shocks You When You Touch Your Face
16:44 - Pittsburgh Public Schools board member forgot to shut off camera, showers during live meeting
17:40 - Anchorage student arrested after threatening virtual classrooms with gun, officials say
19:16 - This man livestreamed his life, even the bathroom, for a year straight
21:44 - Someone turned green lights in Spokane into pot leaves
23:00 - Japanese ninja museum: Stealthy thieves break in and steal a million yen
24:29 - Brazilian supermarket covers a deceased worker's body with umbrellas to keep store open
27:01 - UP woman seeks divorce as husband 'doesn't fight' with her, says he loves her 'too much'
30:25 - 'Hansel and Gretel' Unfair to Witches, School Board Told
32:44 - ‘Bored’ ravens straying from Tower of London as tourist numbers fall
35:11 - 'Call-a-Karen:' Company wants to pay a hyper-critical 'Karen' $65/hour to review products
37:09 - 'It's not cannabis': Alta. farmer hopes to nip hemp stealing in the bud
39:00 - Lindt factory malfunction causes 'chocolate snow' to fall on Swiss town
42:35 - "Blue Waffle?" Kellogg's Inadvertently Names Latest Product After An STI
44:56 - Celebrity cat called Mittens in the running to be New Zealander of the year
47:07 - VIDEO: Bear wanders into grocery store, grabs bag of Tostitos, dines by trash can

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