1:02 - ISPs say they can't expand broadband unless gov't gives them more money
4:59 - Democrats Ripped for Totally Failing to Grill FCC Chair Ajit Pai Over Net Neutrality Cyberattack Lies
6:38 - Tesla Receives Subpoena Over Musk's Take-Private Tweet
8:36 - Tesla sues Ontario government, alleging customers denied incentives
10:43 - Australia on the cusp of showing the world how to break encryption
12:09 - British and Canadian Governments Accidentally Exposed Passwords and Security Plans to the Entire Internet
14:01 - Venezuela's Great Bolivar Scam, Nothing but a Face Lift
16:14 - NSA Cracked Open Encrypted Networks of Russian Airlines, Al Jazeera, and Other "High Potential"
17:27 - China Deploys Operation Dove to Track Muslims, Makes Intense Surveillance a Norm
18:54 - China blocked Reddit, but access is returning for some users
20:01 - To Catch A Robber, The FBI Attempted An Unprecedented Grab For Google Location Data
22:06 - Exclusive: U.S. government seeks Facebook help to wiretap Messenger
24:13 - California Officials Admit to Using License Plate Readers to Monitor Welfare Recipients
26:06 - Trump, Seeking to Relax Rules on U.S. Cyberattacks, Reverses Obama Directive
28:21 - U.S. judge blocks programs letting 'Grand Theft Auto' players 'cheat'
31:27 - EU wants to tackle planned obsolescence
34:25 - After employee revolt, Google says it is "not close" to launching search in China
36:14 - Facebook Bans The Sale of All Kodi Boxes, Legal or Not
37:40 - The AMD Threadripper 2990WX 32-Core and 2950X 16-Core Review
38:25 - Intel's 9th generation processors rumored to launch October 1st with 8 cores
40:13 - NVIDIA Turing Debuts With Quadro RTX: 16 TFLOP Real-Time Ray Tracing Beasts For Graphics Pros
41:47 - Apple Pulls iOS 12 Beta 7 Update Due to Performance Issues
43:15 - ARM challenges Intel in PCs with Deimos and Hercules chips
44:55 - Meet the renegade who's teaching the world to fix totaled Teslas
46:29 - Motorola phone 'brazen copy' of iPhone X
48:31 - Google is developing native hearing aid support for Android
50:42 - Analysts say we are headed for a flash memory price crash
51:21 - Cryptocurrency miners' demand for Nvidia computer chips evaporates
53:02 - Valve seems to be working on tools to get Windows games running on Linux

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