0:30 - Apple contractors 'regularly hear confidential details' on Siri recordings
2:07 - Marcus 'MalwareTech' Hutchins gets no prison time, one year supervised release
3:11 - 65% of online gamers face threats, stalking, other 'severe harassment'
7:02 - Airbus A350 software bug forces airlines to turn planes off and on every 149 hours
8:50 - Robinhood admits to storing some passwords in cleartext
10:32 - Amazon Requires Police to Shill Surveillance Cameras in Secret Agreement
14:19 - Ransomware incident leaves some Johannesburg residents without electricity
16:24 - From Fitbits to Rokus, Hedge Funds Mine Data for Consumer Habits
18:29 - Hackers Stole 7.5TB Of Secret Data From Russia's Intelligence Agency
20:15 - Siemens contractor pleads guilty to planting logic bomb in company spreadsheets
21:58 - It's so hot in Nebraska, you can bake biscuits in your car
23:58 - Strange Forest 'Superorganism' Is Keeping This Vampire Tree Alive
26:04 - Japan approves first human-animal embryo experiments
28:29 - Cat wrecks video game stream by barfing so hard it breaks a computer
29:50 - Green iguanas: Florida clarifies message to kill 'whenever possible'
32:06 - FBI Found ‘Bucket of Heads, Arms and Legs,’ Bodies Sewn Together at Arizona Body Donation Facility
36:03 - Pro-meat protesters fined for eating raw squirrels at vegan stall
38:27 - Trump appears with altered presidential seal at Turning Point USA event
40:31 - Forever21 Under Fire For Sending Diet Bars with Online Clothing Orders
43:42 - Christian Book Distributors drops CBD initials after getting inundated with cannabis requests
45:38 - Report: Saudi Prince's Plan for Flying Taxi Robot City With 'Giant Artificial Moon' May Be Unrealistic
50:55 - Iggy Azalea battles for chart supremacy against ... Peppa Pig?
52:45 - Gender-Bent Nazi Visual Novel "Mein Waifu is the Fuhrer" Now on Kickstarter

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