1:01 - Google Boots Open Source Anti-Censorship Tool From Chrome Store
3:03 - Subpoena for app called 'Discord' could unmask identities of Charlottesville white supremacists
6:45 - National Weather Service Facility's Intercom, Phone Lines Randomly Overtaken by Message in Chinese
8:24 - This rigged charger can hijack your new laptop
10:23 - Machine Learning Can Identify the Authors of Anonymous Code
13:30 - Avast pulls the latest version of CCleaner following privacy controversy
16:06 - Linux kernel bug: TCP flaw lets remote attackers stall devices with tiny DoS attack
17:17 - Hacker swipes Snapchat's source code, publishes it on GitHub
20:32 - New facial recognition tool tracks targets across social networks
24:06 - Cybersecurity Firm Finds Way to Alter WhatsApp Messages
26:40 - Security Flaws On Comcast’s Login Page Exposed Customers' Personal Information
29:28 - Hack causes pacemakers to deliver life-threatening shocks
32:28 - AMD says Threadripper 2990WX is 53% faster than the Core i9-7980XE
34:21 - Apple runs into another embarrassing issue with the new MacBook Pro
35:57 - Intel: This 'ruler' SSD is world's densest, so you can cram 1PB in single 1U rack
37:48 - Microsoft's undersea data center now has a webcam with fish swimming past 27.6 petabytes of data
41:40 - 2 men wanted for replacing external hard drive hardware with Play-Doh, returning items to Target
45:50 - Homeless people wearing barcodes to accept cashless payments
48:52 - Momo game 'suicide challenge' spreads on WhatsApp
52:49 - David Einhorn gets short shorts from Musk: 'He is a man of his word!'
57:03 - What is Bigfoot erotica? A Virginia congressional candidate accused her opponent of being into it.
1:00:52 - Shiver for Yeti: A Bigfoot Erotica Reading

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