0:39 - Malware strikes semiconductor manufacturer TSMC causing assembly line shut down
1:22 - Tesla asked cops for help during "active shooter threat" which was bogus
4:26 - Millions of U.S. Voter Records Exposed on Robocall Company RoboCent's Poorly Configured AWS Cloud Storage
5:21 - How a Hacker Allegedly Stole Millions by Hijacking Phone Numbers
6:30 - How Criminals Recruit Telecom Employees to Help Them Hijack SIM Cards
7:21 - Ticketing app AXS scrapes all the data it can get from your phone
9:25 - Steam game pulled from store after allegations of cryptocurrency mining
11:08 - BitPaymer Ransomware Infection Forces Alaskan Town to Use Typewriters for a Week
12:08 - U.S. charges three Ukrainians in payment card hacking spree
12:56 - GE Engineer With Ties to China Accused of Stealing Power Plant Technology
15:20 - Reddit had a security incident. Here's what you need to know
16:28 - Spotify GDPR Shenanigans
18:29 - Windows 10 buggy updates? Our patching is simple, regular, consistent says Microsoft
20:53 - Walmart is testing grocery delivery robots
22:46 - Experimental Brickbot stacks Legos just like a kid
25:23 - Uber's self-driving trucks division is dead, long live Uber self-driving cars
26:05 - Human Bankers Are Losing to Robots as Nordea Sets a New Standard
27:03 - OpenAI's 'state-of-the-art' system gives robots humanlike dexterity
29:28 - New study finds it's harder to turn off a robot when it's begging for its life
32:40 - Police department apologizes for counting some officers as 'Y' for 'yellow' in internal system
34:50 - Amish man launches "Uber" ride service with his horse and buggy
35:46 - Amazon Removes Products Featuring Nazi Symbols
37:03 - Scare off burglars with this ridiculous Alexa skill
39:02 - PSE sends racial slur to black woman
42:58 - 'We had no control': Farm closes after sunflower selfie seekers swarm field
44:37 - Fortnite tutors are a thing. And yes, parents are paying them
46:45 - 'Hot Water Challenge' reportedly leaves teen with second-degree burns

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