1:00 - Tesla asks suppliers for refunds to help it become profitable
4:06 - Tesla troll and short doxxed as heavily invested in oil industry, Musk reportedly calls his boss
6:34 - Microsoft acknowledges price increases coming for Office 2019 and Windows 10 Enterprise users
7:58 - Equifax says it's spent $200m on security since the breach, so everything's OK now
9:50 - Qualcomm's $44B NXP acquisition dies as China trade war rages on
11:53 - Mozilla executive claims that Google has made YouTube slower on Edge and Firefox
14:21 - US airlines change Taiwan reference on websites ahead of Chinese deadline
16:35 - Google Bans Cryptocurrency Mining Apps From the Play Store
17:42 - Why is MoviePass down? It temporarily ran out of money
19:47 - Someone Uploaded What Look to Be Apple's Internal iPhone Repair Videos
21:04 - Apple confirms MacBook Pro thermal throttling, software fix coming today
22:04 - Apple's T2 Security Chip May Cause Issues in iMac Pro, MacBook Pro
23:18 - Leaked benchmarks show Intel is dropping hyperthreading from i7 chips
24:53 - Record-breaking solid state memory stores data at 100 times the density of Blu-ray
26:12 - Robots Wielding Water Knives Are the Future of Farming
27:56 - Boston Dynamics Is Gearing Up to Produce Thousands of Robot Dogs
29:36 - Google is building "virtual agents" to handle call centers' grunt work
30:34 - Google cars self-drive to Walmart supermarket in trial
33:30 - IBM Watson Reportedly Recommended Cancer Treatments That Were 'Unsafe and Incorrect'
35:43 - Windows 10 will try not to reboot when you're just grabbing a cup of coffee
37:03 - Amazon's Facial Recognition Wrongly Identifies 28 Lawmakers, A.C.L.U. Says

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