1:29 - Elon Musk and SEC reach agreement over Tesla CEO's use of Twitter 3:46 - Tesla plans to launch a robotaxi network in 2020 6:39 - Elon Musk says Tesla will allow more aggressive Autopilot modes 8:36 - Tesla investigates after car appears to explode in China 9:56 - Ending tough week, Tesla shares sink to lowest in two years 11:29 - Apple allegedly 'plotted' to hurt Qualcomm years before it sued the company 13:44 - Apple Cracks Down on Apps That Fight iPhone Addiction 15:14 - Tim Cook at TIME 100 — 'Technology needs to be regulated' 17:05 - Amazon is prepping a high-fidelity TIDAL competitor 18:58 - How Amazon automatically tracks and fires warehouse workers for ‘productivity’ 20:01 - Amazon plans to make Prime shipping one-day by default 21:43 - iFixit’s Galaxy Fold teardown reveals its biggest design flaw 22:43 - iFixit pulls Galaxy Fold teardown at Samsung’s request 24:14 - Google Walkout Organizers Say They're Facing Retaliation 26:19 - Google updates misconduct reporting amid employee discontent 27:31 - Comcast usage soars 34% to 200GB a month, pushing users closer to data cap 29:44 - Uber Drivers Plan Strike to Kick Off 2019’s Most-Hyped IPO 31:10 - NVIDIA GeForce GTX 16 Series Turing-Based Laptops Assault Mainstream Gaming Market With Major OEMs 32:11 - Intel's 9th-gen mobile Core chips aim for the high end, rocking 8 cores at up to 5GHz speeds 33:04 - Intel Starts Qualification of Ice Lake CPUs, Raises 10nm Volume Expectation for 2019 33:20 - Intel stockpiling 10nm chips, warns that 14nm shortages will continue 34:57 - 41% of voice assistant users have concerns about trust and privacy, report finds 36:41 - Microsoft blocks Windows 10 May 2019 Update on PCs that use USB storage or SD cards 38:27 - iPhone 10, Galaxy Phone Upgrades: Shoppers Keeping Devices Longer 40:31 - Nintendo squashes Super Mario Commodore 64 port which took seven years to make 43:30 - RCA postgraduates create open navigation system inspired by insect eyes 47:12 - Bitcoin and Ethereum Trading Coming to E*Trade 47:54 - Bitcoin drops 7 per cent on allegations of $850m fraud by Bitfinex by New York Attorney General 49:21 - Sinemia Shuts Down U.S. Movie-Ticket Subscription Service 50:21 - Epic Games Boss Says They'll Stop Doing Exclusives If Steam Gives Developers More Money 52:47 - Cox Cable Testing a Form of ‘Fast Lane’ Internet For Gamers 55:24 - Nike Files Trademark Application in the US for ‘Cryptokicks’ 57:06 - Facebook anticipates an FTC privacy fine of up to $5 billion 58:18 - New York Attorney General to Investigate Facebook Email Collection 1:00:35 - Silicon Valley Came to Kansas Schools. That Started a Rebellion 1:03:17 - NSA Recommends Ending Phone-Surveillance Program: WSJ 1:03:27 - Judge Dodges Legality of NSA Mass Spying, Citing Secrecy Claims 1:06:37 - Wireless carriers fight ban on throttling firefighters during emergencies 1:09:48 - The Feds Are Dropping Child Porn Cases Instead of Revealing Info on Their Surveillance Systems 1:13:08 - California's politicians rush to gut internet privacy law with pro-tech giant amendments 1:14:26 - FAA paves way for Alphabet unit to make first U.S. drone deliveries 1:16:29 - Huawei row: UK to let Chinese firm help build 5G network 1:17:14 - Wright - Huawei leaks 'unacceptable', criminal investigation possible 1:18:37 - EU votes to create gigantic biometrics database 1:20:04 - Facial recognition creeps up on a JetBlue passenger and she hates it 1:22:27 - Chinese Hypersonic Vehicle Could Be Model for a Future Weapon System 1:24:42 - Russia launches sub that will carry doomsday nuke drone torpedo 1:25:50 - Is Alexa Listening? Amazon Employees Can Access Home Addresses 1:28:14 - Security flaw lets attackers recover private keys from Qualcomm chips 1:29:41 - Hacker Finds He Can Remotely Kill Car Engines After Breaking Into GPS Tracking Apps 1:31:55 - Nokia 9 buggy update lets anyone bypass fingerprint scanner with a pack of gum 1:33:01 - Scooters hacked to play rude messages to riders 1:34:30 - That mental health app might share your data without telling you 1:36:11 - Retailers Are Tracking Where You Shop -- and Where You Sleep 1:38:56 - Kodi alternative Mobdro steals users' Wi-Fi passwords, seeks to access shared media and installed apps 1:40:01 - Systems with small disks won’t be able to install Windows 10 May 2019 update 1:42:15 - Facebook Breached Canadian Privacy Laws, Watchdogs Say 1:43:54 - How Twitter Users Compare to the General Public 1:45:51 - Saudi Arabia mass execution - Lad, 16, tortured with electricity and BEHEADED just for sending WhatsApp messages about protests 1:48:21 - Laundroid company folds before its giant robot does 1:49:31 - Scientists create never-ending livestream of AI-generated death metal 1:52:18 - This colorful printed patch makes you pretty much invisible to AI 1:54:53 - Walmart unveils an AI-powered store of the future, now open to the public

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