0:00 - Intro
0:53 - Ford's BlueCruise self-driving tech did a 110,000-mile road trip
2:14 - Isilon founder lifts the hood on farming startup Carbon Robotics and its weed zapping machine
3:51 - Korea Workers Need to Make Space for Robots, Minister Says
5:37 - Detroit man sues police for wrongful arrest based on facial recognition
7:23 - Billions of smartphone owners will soon be authorising payments using facial recognition
9:30 - Intel’s Mobileye will launch a fully driverless delivery service in 2023
10:34 - Huawei to Invest $1 Billion on Car Tech It Says Surpasses Tesla
12:17 - A wireless brain-computer interface has been successfully tested on humans for the first time
14:41 - Facebook’s Algorithm Practices Gender Discrimination
17:56 - Japan scraps mascot promoting Fukushima wastewater dump
20:43 - Water-worried Vegas wants useless grass a thing of the past
21:36 - 300 Nvidia GPUs Seized After High Speed Boat Chase
22:20 - Studies that make brainlike structures or add human cells to animal brains are ethical, for now, panel says
24:10 - Iran censors soccer match over 100 times due to woman referee
25:41 - Tyrannical court asserts that farting doesn't count as free speech
27:21 - Liberal MP caught stark naked during House of Commons video conference
28:15 - Snake found inside lettuce bought at Aldi store in Australia
29:49 - Could Plastic-Eating Mushrooms Solve mankind's Plastic Problem?
32:11 - Single pixel of digital-only art sold for more than $1.7 million at Sotheby's
34:41 - Creepy Eye-Shaped Webcam Will Make Video Calls Uncomfortable
36:57 - Need a Mother’s Day gift? Why not a vibrator necklace or yacht trip, says Goop

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