0:00 - Intro
0:35 - Trying to sound impressive, Putin says Russia will resume lunar program
1:51 - First All-Private Astronaut Team Arrives at the International Space Station
3:10 - Mystery of Moon's Far Side Explained by Massive Impact at the South Pole
3:54 - Sunspot Activity on The Sun Is Seriously Exceeding Official Predictions
5:44 - Amazon is still struggling to make drone deliveries work
7:28 - Autonomous Cruise car encounter with police raises policy questions
8:55 - Artificial fingertip gives robots nearly humanlike touch
10:00 - House-flipping algorithms are coming to your neighborhood— despite the losses
13:52 - A new heat engine with no moving parts is as efficient as a steam turbine
15:34 - AI browser extension to automatically fill out cookie forms
16:21 - Houston, we have a problem: Jeff Koons is sending sculptures to the moon
18:38 - People would prefer a threesome with a robot than a human
20:19 - Japanese Researchers Develop Robot that Can Peel Bananas
22:20 - NASA will test SpinLaunch's ability to fling satellites into orbit
23:19 - Artificial sperm made from stem cells used to produce rat pups
24:44 - Four men arrested for inappropriate monitor lizard behavior
26:42 - Fake DEA agent busted while trying to get discount at Wendy’s in Bunnell, police say
28:09 - Why Cheetos Are Banned in Germany, and How They Sneak in Anyway
30:03 - Widow spends GoFundMe donations from husband’s death on gifts for lover accused of killing him
31:59 - Obese diners to be banned from entering naked restaurant because it will be 'miserable' for other guests


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