00:00 Intro
00:31 Exclusive: Government Secretly Orders Google To Identify
02:10 Biden administration to convene 30 countries to crack down on ransomware threat
02:42 U.S. to tell critical rail, air companies to report hacks,
03:26 New Warren Bill Would Give Victims 48 Hours To Report Ransom Payments
04:23 FCC plans to rein in “gateway” carriers that bring foreign robocalls to US
05:27 Cloudflare doesn’t have to cut off copyright-infringing websites, judge rules
06:32 Oracle Appeal Over JEDI Contract Turned Away by Supreme Court
07:54 California DMV gives Cruise and Waymo OK to charge for rides
08:49 Crypto News: Justice Department Presses Exchanges to Block Ransomware Profits
09:28 Taiwan's TSMC, after U.S. request, says it won't leak sensitive info
10:29 UK plans to invest £5 billion in retaliatory cyber-attacks
12:40 Ireland Signs On to Global Deal Seeking to Curb Tax Avoidance
13:36 European Parliament calls for a ban on facial recognition
14:44 Singapore passes foreign interference law allowing authorities to block internet content
16:01 Ukraine arrests two over $150m ransomware allegations
17:06 Apple to face EU antitrust charge over NFC chip - sources
19:02 Dutch watchdog finds Apple app store payment rules anti-competitive
19:58 Apple and Google under antitrust scrutiny in Japan for mobile OS
20:47 Africa internet riches plundered, contested by China broker
22:59 Bitcoin set to become legal payment in Brazil
23:55 New Zealand Exploring Possibility of Issuing a Digital Currency
26:19 Tech giants brace for impact in India as new payments rule goes into effect
28:02 Robots Take Over Italy’s Vineyards as Wineries Struggle With Covid-19 Worker Shortages
29:29 Clearview AI Has New Tools to Identify You in Photos
31:41 Chinese AI gets ethical guidelines for the first time, aligning with Beijing’s goal of reining in Big Tech
33:43 Russian Actress and Director Successfully Reach the Space Station
34:06 Russia tells its space reporters to stop reporting on the space program
36:33 Outro
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