0:35 - MSI Event/Contest
2:00 - CIA/FBI launch manhunt for Wikileaks leaker
4:42 - MS17010 Malware
5:44 - Canada strenghtens net neutrality rules
8:28 - Ajeet Pai rickrolled during FCC meeting
9:03 - FCC clears way for TV mergers, eases broadband price limits
10:33 - FCC leader seeks tech companies' views on net neutrality
12:17 - Boston tech firms, Senator Markey vow net neutrality fight
13:04 - Bose sued for spying on users, illegally collecting data
14:46 - Apple documents: "No reuse. No resale."
17:40 - New Google Chip is a stepping stone to quantum computing supremacy
19:08 - Microsoft to release new Chromebooks
20:50 - AMD Releases RX500 Series Cards
23:05 - Google Home now supports multiple users, but cannot separate work and personal accounts
24:47 - Google planning built in ad-blocker for Chrome
25:52 - Ad industry powers consider adopting ad blocking on a wide scale
27:22 - Docker changes name to Moby
29:39 - Silicon Valley invester $120 million in a $400 juicer that works as well as your hands
33:59 - Robots may help you build your next home
37:06 - Dwarf Fortress creators gift source code to MoMA in their will
39:27 - Court rules fansubs for tv and movies illegal
42:53 - Verizon closes down their email business
44:13 - Netfix accuses viewers of watching 500 million hours of Adam Sandler films
46:07 - Driverless cars learning from Grand Theft Auto V

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Correction: Technically not "AMD HQ" (that's in Sunnyvale, CA) but still "AMD Campus". Squee!?!??! Thanks MSI & AMD!

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