Never heard of Edison? Be sure to check out Part 1:

For this project, we'll be using the Intel Edison and Linux to power our personal digital assistant. This project is really just a proof-of-concept experiment on something that would be handy to me. I like the idea of a personal information manager or secure credential store but I want something I can tinker with perhaps at a cost of a bit of security.

I like the idea of storing my bitcoin wallet and other sensitive info on a small, portable, self-contained and (usually) air-gapped device
that has enough intelligence to protect itself against intrusion.

I have also had a lot of fun experimenting with a portable Linux box that I can carry with me that I can access through my phone or laptop using my phone as an internet hotspot. It has also been a lot of fun writing scripts that check on the status of things and then report that status by talking to me through my headset.

I am experimenting with voice recognition through my headset, but this is challenging to do without using "the cloud" for voice processing.

What do you guys think about the project so far? Where should we go next?

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