This is a quick video about a good find while doing a bit of corporate dumpster diving. Did you know that cast-aside corporate stuff is often better than consumer grade stuff?

Today we're going to take a look at the quad-channel, dual controller Xiotech Fiberchannel SAN. Is Xiotech even still around? No idea! Probably not! This enclosure is nice because it exposes the raw disks directly to the operating system.

Unlike more modern storage enclosures that tend to present the storage as one large pool, this type of a setup allows us to use an advanced system like ZFS which will work great because ZFS has direct access to the disk.

With a bit of trial and error, we are able to discover that the 16-bay drive cabinet can be split in halves, allowing us to set up a striped ZFS pool for increased speed. In the end we have a ZFS pool supported by two FiberChannel controllers that can manage nearly 800 megabyte/second read/write speed and is over 12 terabytes in size.

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