This is part 2 of our testing! Part 3 will be out tomorrow, which is a frame-by-frame benchmark deep-dive.

We will leave no stone unturned in the "smoothness" debate. Stay tuned. Not to be clickbaity but the results will surprise you.

When we were doing our testing, we were hoping that there would be a clear and away "winner" in some category -- elevated fps (85hz), smoothness, subjective feelings, etc.

None of us could say with certainty that any one system was much better or much worse than the others. None of the systems offered a bad experience.

GTA V on the 5960X system, subjectively, was the most interesting result.

System 1:
Asus Strix X99
Intel 5960X @ 4.2ghz
GSkill 16-16-16-38 DDR4 @3200 (dual channel)
(silly x99 and still having memory compatibility issues)
Intel 750 1.2tb SSD

System 2:
ASRock X370 Taichi
Ryzen 1800x @ 4.1ghz
GSkill DDR4-3200 @ 16-16-16-34 3200mhz

System 3:
ASUS Strix Z270g uAtX
Intel 7700k @ 4.5ghz
GSkill DDR4-3200 @ 16-16-16-34 3200mhz
Intel 750 1.2tb SSD

All systems used the NVidia GTX 1080, but we also did some pre-test testing with the ASUS Strix Fury to rule out nvidia/driver/dx11/dx12 issues. There is something interesting there, but the performance gap was there between the i7and ryzen.

Part 3 will be out tomorrow, and is a deep-dive with methodology and hard numbers on GTA V, and our analysis of those numbers.

And some more follow-up for the "smoothness" debate.

Note that even though we (maybe) had "less" problems with the AMD systems, they were not clear and away winners from the other systems. No system offered a bad experience; the subjective differences were very, very minor. But we captured the data too!

Part 1:

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