Note: This display does feature an external power brick. This is part of the weight reduction strategy.

This monitor is not available to buy as of Dec 2016, but here's a monitor that is:

This is, so far, my favorite 4k Korean monitor. It has almost the same "guts" as the AMH 409, but is an all metal construction that is light and sturdy. I got the name slightly wrong in the voiceover, forgive me ;) This also makes the fourth 4k / 40 inch monitor that we've reviewed. The trick is that 4k displays over about 37" inches diagonally don't require display scaling. So you can use one of these 4k displays like as if it were 4x 1080p monitors with all that screen real-estate.

This display is also the only SuperMVA panel to sport Freesync support that we've tested, but the implementation is still a bit buggy from our testing.

Overall, the design aesthetic of this monitor is really something to look at. No logos, branding or other fluff to distract you from the monitor itself. The bezel and case are a simple and understated all-metal design that is an excellent clean and modern design.

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