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Hello And Thank you for participating! So you want to be running windows 1903 (latest Windows 10 update as of now), and using Cpu-Z and Ryzen Master. 

In CPU-z, it has a built-in benchmark. Basically, boot up your machine and let it finish booting (verify no background goings-on with task manager) then you can use benchmark in cpuz. It first runs a multi-core benchmark. Observe the maximum clock you see reported by ryzen master. 

Then cpu-z will switch to single-core testing and ryzen master will (should) report an up tick in cpu speed. On a 3900x it varies from 4000 to 4300 multi core and 4100 to 4600 single core, for clock speed. 

While cpu-z is benchmarking you want to also make a note of the temperature you see in ryzen master, and note that down here as well.

Enable & apply PBO in ryzen master (reboot, if necessary. Note this is JUST PBO. No PBO+AutoOC or any of that). Then repeat and report those numbers here as well. 


Thank you!! 

This is for PBO toggled on, no auto OC or manual overclocks.